Each month my Friday blogs follow a theme, I’ll post details  and links to old ones here:


May: BPD awareness month (and mental health awareness week!)

April: Putting Travel Within Reach. 

It can be easy to think that it would be too difficult to travel. I thought so too, until last year when I pushed the boat out and went to Italy by myself, despite my mental health problems. Since then I’ve decided that nothing is out of our reach, and I’d like to give some tips on minimising anxiety about travel.

February: Learning to Love.

Not everyone has a date this Valentines day, but that isn’t important. Whoever and wherever you are there’s someone who needs to feel your love. A friend, family, or even yourself. I’ll be chatting about a few of these different love relationships and discuss some ideas of how to show people that you care.

January: New Beginnings.

New year’s resolution: change everything. Annie Baxter is disenchanted with her life. The Sunday lunches with her parents and long term partner Bobbie, her boring job in sales, her life in a cloudy suburb of Bristol. So she decides to make changes and start again. But will the new start really give her all that she wants? A story of change, for better and worse.


November: My Month of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help with controlling emotions, avoiding stress and enjoying every little moment. For a month I’ll be practising different mindfulness exercises every day and blogging each Friday about my experiences.

October: Uni – the Second Time Around.

I went to uni for the first time in 2013 and had to drop out early in my second year because I’d burnt myself out. Throughout this month I’ll be offering some practical advice and stories about what I’ve been doing differently this time.

September: Suicide Awareness Month.

For Suicide Awareness Month I posted twice a week about my experiences of suicide and some practical advice for those who are struggling, and those who are supporting someone who is. There are also links to various helplines and websites which offer more detailed advice.

August: The Pet Feud.

 What happens when you have a 16 year old cat, and you buy a puppy? A feud breaks out between cat and dog, each one fighting for the love and attention of their family. A sarcastic tale from the p.o.v of the animals.