On Not Feeling Festive.

On Not Feeling Festive.

This year I’m going to be travelling through the Christmas period with you. Each week, on Wednesday, I’ll tell you a little about how I’ve been feeling and try to give a little advice about how to cope with Christmas. 

Whether you have a mental illness or not, the festive period can be a difficult time. Missing loved ones, the financial pressures and the constant playing of that awful cheesy music is enough – we don’t need the added pressure to enjoy it all! So, as someone who personally isn’t too keen on this particular month, I’m going to offer you my hand and take you through. My other two blogs may have a bit of Christmas cheese injected, but for the most part, these Wednesday posts will be tacky tinsel free.

I’m going to be the first to admit it – because, let’s be honest, nobody else wants to – I am not feeling festive! When a Christmas song comes on the radio, I will immediately change the channel. When someone asks me what I want for Christmas, my first thought is that I’d really like it not to happen. When I think about my plans for the day, I panic. When I start buying presents, I also panic. Basically I’m a mushy mess of anti-festivity right now. (It probably doesn’t help that universities seem to be torturing their students, by piling an incessant stream of deadlines all around the season.)

Basically, what I’m saying, is that it’s ok not to feel festive right now… or ever for that matter! We do not all have to feel the same way, enjoy the same things or celebrate things in the same manner as others. I am me. You are you. That girl sat in the cheesy Christmas jumper with bells on it is… well, each to their own… either way we can feel however we want to feel. The first message I wanted to send this Christmas season is that you don’t have to have a happy Christmas. It’s ok not to enjoy it! Putting pressure on yourself to fully embrace the festivities and hiding your true emotions away is only going to make the period more difficult for you. Allow yourself to feel however you do.

Alternatively, if you enjoy Christmas, then I’m slightly jealous! I’d love to really look forward to this period, and I’m pleased that you’re able to enjoy it. You don’t have hide your emotions either, have fun! Embrace everything you love about it and make the most of this season. Oh… and if you wear cheesy Christmas jumpers, I guess enjoy that too..