This is part 3 of ‘New Beginnings’ if you want to catch up before reading: click here.


I decided to take the whole ‘no constraints’ things seriously, and the first step was to break my schedule with this diary. A whole 6 days without it, felt like a lifetime! I did it though, and I’m back to update my future self on my adventures. Looked around a load of the palaces here which are impressive for the most part, but considering the wealth of the Medici family I’m not surprised. I’ve taken to reading about Italian history, focusing on here in particular and it’s quite interesting. I made a little timeline and took photos to match the various important places. I sent them to mum, part of me wishes she could be here, it’d be nice to have her around for a bit. But that’s silly. I’m independent now, I don’t need anyone.

Bianca and I go for dinner once a week, and she’s been teaching me the language. I’m getting pretty good at it. Sometimes I still ask people things in English and sometimes they respond in English, but I feel stupid every time. I should be better by now. I should be fluent. Once I’m fluent I can get a job and stay here forever. Bianca says I might be able to get a job in a cafe, one of those where sometime English people come and want to know what they’re eating.

I went to a bar the other night with her and she introduced me to some people. I ended up going home with one of her friends and staying at his for the night. He made me coffee in the morning but didn’t have time to sit with me on the balcony. No time. He had to go to work. Fair enough, would’ve been nice if he’d stayed a bit longer though. I posted the keys back through his letter box when I left.


I got a call from Mags this morning. Apparently it’s not the same without me, work is boring and the Friday drinks have become the dullest moment of her week. She said she doesn’t gel with anyone else, they’re all boring and married and not looking for anything new in their lives. She’s dyed her hair again apparently, green. Why? ‘For a change’. She’s off her rocker. It was nice to hear her voice. Mum replied to my letter too with a photo of her and dad and a little comment at the bottom saying that Rob had dropped a few of my things over and asked how I was getting on. She asked if she can give me a call sometime but I haven’t replied yet. I’m supposed to be adventuring by myself.

I went out with the guy again – his name’s Alessandro by the way – Alli we call him. It was interesting and my Italian’s getting good enough for us to have a proper chat in his language. The food was insane as usual but something was missing. It wasn’t easy. I guess that’s why I’m here, I got bored of easy. I found myself missing the ease of a conversation with Rob or my mum or Mags over some horrible stodgy English food. There’s no one here who really knows me, I’ve never had that before.

I’ve got an interview tomorrow to get a job in one of the touristy cafes near the Cathedral de Santa Maria Novella. If I get it I’ll be able to stick around, but I’m going to run out of money otherwise. I can just work for a few months. Might move on to another country. Keep the adventure moving…


I got the job. It’s so tedious though. Mainly I end up talking English because the cafe I work in is priced up for the tourists and the locals know better. It’s what I wanted though I suppose and it’s easy, just not really pushing my abilities, I feel like I’ve downgraded from my job in England. I guess that should have been obvious but it’s still a bit depressing. I was looking at a course in England, looking at learning languages in order to teach them to kids. It pays pretty well because it’s all private and I’d be doing something a little harder than serving coffee and pastries. It would however involve going home, not sure I’m ready for that.

I’ve got to know Bianca a little better now and I’ve discovered something. She’s one of those people who you only make friends with because you don’t have much choice and you’d never have picked if you did. She’s nice enough. I’m probably being unfair, Mags came to stay for two days this week and I took her to all my favourite places and we had a real laugh. She’s dyed her hair yet again, but she’s got a boyfriend now. An actual one that she isn’t planning to get rid of next time she changes the colour of her locks. he’s stuck around through two colours now, and that’s no mean feat! I miss her I guess.


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