Last day at work this year! Big woop, same old crap will start again in exactly 4 days and the year won’t make any difference. It was a long day today too, no one ever calls with enquiries this close to New Year. It drags when that happens.Went out for drinks with Mags after though, that was okay. She’s trying out another hair style, says she wants to get the ‘New Her’ ready for when the bells ring at midnight. To be honest I’m a bit worried if she’s judging the new her by her hairstyle, she changes it every week and she’d end up burning through a lot of personalities.She’s booked a holiday too, she’s always off and leaving me alone at our desk to deal with her wining customers, it’s somewhere in Spain this time. Never heard of the place, can’t remember what it’s called but I don’t think it’ll be important when I’m looking back on this diary at 90 years old while I’m rotting in an armchair watching Countdown.

So after drinks I get home and Bobbie’s made his standard chicken stir-fry because he got home first. I felt a bit bad since the reason I was home late was because I’d been guzzling cocktails, but I played along. He’s not good with confrontation, I didn’t want another row like when I’d gone to mum’s without letting him know and he’d made dinner already.Boring night, standard Netflix and vino, although with the nice addition of a box of truffles because Bobbie was in a good mood. Mum rang to check we’re still going for Sunday lunch the week after New Year. Other than that, not a lot. Everything’s the damn same as it was yesterday and there’s not much chance of that changing soon. My hand hurts like a little bitch and I’m bored so bye.



So I’m writing this at 11.30pm on NYE, my allocated time for writing in my diary every night. There’s not really much point in changing that routine for tonight since all we’re doing is watching the countdown show on TV with a bottle of wine and some snacks. Bobbie sits there chewing so loudly you can barely hear the thing anyway so I’m not really missing much. Anyway, this is the last entry this year! I bet if you weren’t an inanimate object you’d be so excited you couldn’t sit still… but if you reacted that way I’d probably throw you out of the window for being pathetic.

My sister rang me at 10 and was like: Oh my Goooood, it’s new Year’s Eeeeveee, I can’t wait for this paaaartyyyy later it’s gonna be soooooooo goooood. Oh honey what’re you doing? Something exciting oh pleeeeaaaaseeee tell me you are. It was the longest phone call of my life. Holy crap. Her voice is so shrill and when she drags out every syllable it takes an obtusely long time to get any information out of her. When I told her there was no party at mine it was like she was going to have a fit, or come and drag me over to her house party or something. Wish I could’ve thrown her out of the window.

So this year, time to reflect. My overwhelming view of the year is that it was insanely boring. I saw this picture on facebook of this travel company doing cheap holidays to Italy and I said to Bobbie we should go in February because it’d be romantic and he was like: Awh no honey we couldn’t. I’ll book our usual table at that Italian place you like and we’ll go and have a delicious meal and watch a movie in bed with candles. It’s tradition. And when I suggested we go to Italy at a different time he was like: Oh no baby, we always go on holiday to Spain in June and we can’t afford another one at the moment, it’s heritage, it’s tradition, we can’t change it. So that was that. Same old plan for this year. It’ll be just as freaking dull and full of ‘Roberto’s boring Spanish heritage.

Happy bloody new year.



I’ve made a resolution. You will know since you’ve just about survived a year, that this is unlike me, but it happened all the same. I’m like a new person,and that’s the idea! New Year, New Me and all that rubbish that I’m pretty sure is some kind of media campaign to help out the gyms that have suffered while we’ve all been stuffing our faces over Christmas. But I’ve bought into it anyway, and not the gym thing, the resolution thing. Here it comes, the resolution that’s so important that it’s got it’s own line!


That’s all for today, I’ve got a holiday to book and planning to do… if I’m still a planner. Maybe I’ll become impulsive, I guess we just don’t know!


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