In my opinion, I’ve saved the best for last. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of colouring or something practical when they’re learning a new skill… well technically I learn best by talking to myself (which sounds weird) but that’s beside the point, I just love colouring.

I found this kind of mindfulness through the book, I am here now which I bought on Amazon a while ago. It’s got some great ideas in there and they’re all really varied which is nice. Probably the best bit about it is that it doesn’t involve closing your eyes and breathing deeply, which can be a little uncomfortable in a public place. I’d definitely recommend at least having a look at it, I carry it everywhere with me in case I get a little stressed while I’m out.

The most obvious activity is one that I’ve already mentioned, and you may not have realised its uses as a tool for mindfulness. Colouring! It’s pretty simple, while you colour keep your mind on the picture in front of you and colour. Focus on the different shades, on keeping within the lines and on the pattern in front of you. If you’re focusing on this stuff rather than the muddle inside your head, that’s mindfulness! Simple.

One of my favourites from the book is an exercise where you draw a line with every breath to create a pattern. Make sure your pen follows the breath, rather than the other way round. When you’ve done you can even colour it in, double whammy! It explains it much better in the book, unfortunately words allude me on this one, but I used to draw these with my mum when I was little and the nostalgia adds an extra element of calm for me.

You can probably do anything creative mindfully – in fact you can do anything that you want to do in a mindful way. As I mentioned last week, I drive, walk and eat mindfully; if I can do that then mindful papier mache, collaging and painting are definitely legitimate options.

So if you’re a creative person, or just fancy giving this a try why not do it today! Let me know how it goes.


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