I’ll start with a cheeky disclaimer – I’m not advocating drugs! Please don’t go and shoot up now! I’m talking about taking the hits life throws at you, and trust me it’ll throw a lot of them your way.
I got slapped around the face by life today and nearly didn’t write today’s post because of it. I’ve fought for years to be stable enough to return to university, and now that I’m there the problems are rolling in. They’re not even queueing, they’re pushing each other out of the way and jostling to the front.
Then (after I’d dealt with the typical mood swings) I decided that I wasn’t going to let life floor me. I can take a hit, literally as well as metaphorically; I used kickboxing to aid my recovery, but more about that another time. For now, the important thing is that when I got hit I made a conscious decision to drag myself back up.
Life will keep smacking you around, you don’t have to suffer with a mental illness to know that. Sometimes it’ll feel like you’re climbing to your feet or getting knocked down more than you’re walking. Sometimes you’re a bit dazed and need some time to get your bearings before you can walk it off. That’s ok! We don’t have to be always moving or finding things easy – what matters is that you develop the determination to keep getting up off that floor.
So when life deals a tough blow, take a deep breath and get back on your feet. Stand up, face life, swear at it if you like. You don’t need to have solutions to problems right now. Nothing matters as long as you get up and keep fighting.


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