For some of you, perhaps even most, God is a subject in which you have little or no interest. For me, it’s a subject in which I’m interested but slightly afraid of. I’m not trying to force God onto you, but I thought those who are interested should have an opportunity to hear about suicide from this point of view.

My friend Sharon has written a guest blog which I hope sheds some light on the subject for those of you who give it a read.

Suicide + God = ??

For many the question of God’s view of suicide is far from relevant – you may have long given up on any hope of a God of love. For others the niggling fear of hell may begin to raise the God issue. From the outset I am going to be entirely honest with you – I am a Christian and not just one of those nominal Christians. I am a passionate and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. So yes, what I write will be entirely biased by my convictions about God and his unfailing love for you. It will be biased by my absolute belief that God not only loves you but cares for you and declares your life as precious; that he is in the business of making beauty from ashes.

It is not for me to explore the morality of any form of suicide but I believe God wants to speak to the emotional and spiritual distress that can lead to suicide. Suicide is not the killer, it is the hopelessness, loneliness, self-hatred and despair that pervades the soul and squeezes out any signs of life. God wants to bring hope and life, to bring light into the darkness. He wants to convey to you NOT disappointment or frustration but unyielding love and compassion. Come as you are, call out to him – God is there and wants to be found.


More information on mental health from this perspective.

Podcast by a church leader who lost a son to suicide

Christian helpine: open 9am-midnight.


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