Did you know that the life of a pearl begins with a piece of grit? When grit gets inside of an Oyster shell, the oyster begins coating it in the material that makes a pearl. Despite its beginnings, pearls are valuable and desirable. People wear them around as jewellery and show them off.

Did you know that diamonds are found beneath tons of dirt?

Did you know that in order to find gold, we panned in dirty rivers?

Not only does this prove that everything precious has to be worked for; but this also shows that no matter how dirty or worthless you feel, it doesn’t make you worth any  less. You are precious and worth the work!

I’ve felt worthless. I’ve felt unloved. I’ve felt dirty.

When I was at my worst I did things to cope which only spiralled me further out of control. I did things which made me feel dirty, worthless and undeserving of love. I stopped loving and started playing games. So when you read this blog please don’t think that I’m perfect or that I find it easy  to love myself, it’s been a struggle for years. Take heart in the fact that I’ve got there, and since I’m no better than you – you can  get there too!

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you like about yourself? At first everyone laughs or shrugs this off as though there’s nothing you love about yourself but if you look hard enough you’ll find something. I like my cheekbones, there’s a lot about myself that I don’t like the look of but I cling to the fact that I have good cheekbones. Even negatives can be turned into positives sometimes: I am a perfectionist which means it’s harder for me to reach a standard I’m happy with, but it also means that I work hard at everything I do in order to reach that standard.

It might be hard work, but trying to find something you love about yourself is worth the time and effort.

Now think about something that you regret, a mistake you’ve made. How does it make you feel? Maybe this is a layer of dirt that you think makes you less beautiful or less precious. I’ve done things that made me feel like this, and sometimes they still do; but I’ve figured out that this isn’t true. We all make mistakes, we’re humans and it’s our trademark! But these mistakes are nothing but a thin layer of dirt around a diamond – we are still worth the same. Our mistakes do not define us: they’re just something we did, or maybe didn’t do.

Can I tell you something else? This applies to everyone! There could be someone you know, right now, who’s feeling worthless; and you can help them to see what’s special about them. Why not drop someone a compliment? Tell them they look nice today, tell them you’re glad you know them, even simply smiling at someone can make a difference!

If you’re struggling with this and want to talk to someone about it why not give the Samaritans a call? They’re brilliant, and have helped me more times than I can count.



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