Why it was there I don’t know, but there was a spring weight crouching on the ground among the roses.  My Grandmother had been a strange woman but I can’t think why she would have kept such an old, rusted and clearly broken weight… and as to why she kept it in her garden, well that’s a whole other question.

It was slightly hidden by two frayed feathers, and perhaps she’d forgotten it was there or something. I pursed my lips together and squeezed my eyes into tiny slits on the emotionless mask of my face, I’d never know now. All of the questions I had for my Grandmother would remain unanswered forever.

Once composed I scribbled Spring Weight into the inventory and impulsively bathed it in yellow highlighter ink. As I looked up from the page a moose wandered into the garden, or else I imagined it, but I swear I saw its one ear twitching and a space where the other had once been. It smiled at me, or so it appeared, with soft doughy eyes that clearly wanted something.

It jumped at the road of an aircraft thrumming overhead, and ran away without giving me another look. The aircraft engine filled the air with its sound as it soared past, lower than usual in the sky and as I watched its blurred grey shell shoot through the air I wondered whether the plane was her’s too, she certainly had her fair share of odd possessions.

I turned back to the inventory and scribbled MOOSE .


I did this exercise at ‘Neptune’s Last Stand’ Creative Writing Group. It’s a quickfire writing exercise where we have to incorporate a random selection of objects or words into our writing. You can find more information and writing from the group here.


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