With a firm tug she pulled the bell rope artfully downwards until it emitted a perfectly timed chime. It was heavy, and at sixty years old she felt the ache of strenuous exercise like an uncomfortable heat in her arms. She reminded herself that she was the Lion Goddess: strong and powerful, Queen of the world… she would not grow old and give up.

However, shortly after her empowering thought she started suddenly and did the unthinkable – she dropped the bell rope! She’d left the doorstop in the living room door. This doesn’t sound like much of a worry; but she could picture her daughter’s fish Neptune swimming peacefully in his bowl, completely unaware of the cat who now had access to the room.

Panic flew through her mind like paper aeroplanes, never stopping long enough to form a solution. The cat would be circling the bowl and getting ready a tasty lunch treat. There was nothing to be done – her daughter’s fish would just have to be a tasty meal for the cat.


I did this exercise at ‘Neptune’s Last Stand’ Creative Writing Group. It’s a quickfire writing exercise where we have to incorporate a random selection of objects or words into our writing. You can find more information and writing from the group here.


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